Job Opening: Supervising Equipment Operator Supervising Mechanic

Willingboro MUA  

Announcement of Job Opening  

December 30, 2021  



Under direction, supervises and works with a group of employees involved in operating, checking,  servicing, and making minor repairs to construction and maintenance equipment; does other related  duties as required. Engage in the repair, maintenance, and servicing of several types of motor vehicles  and/or motorized construction equipment; does other related duties as required. 


Troubleshoots malfunctions, and repairs, rebuilds, and maintains construction equipment such as  cranes, power shovels, scrapers, paving machines, motor graders, trench-digging machines, conveyors,  bulldozers, dredges, pumps, compressors, and pneumatic tools, and/or cars, vans, trucks, or buses. 

Trains workers in and demonstrates methods and techniques for equipment repair and maintenance  using mechanical tools and equipment. 

Provides assignments and instructions to subordinates and supervises the performance of their work. Maintains inventory of parts and equipment and prepares requisitions for replacement stock. 

Supervises and performs the work involved in operating and inspecting equipment to diagnose defects;  dismantling and reassembling equipment using hoists and hand tools; examining parts for damage or  excessive wear using micrometers and gages; replacing defective engines and subassemblies; testing  equipment to ensure operating efficiency; welding broken parts and structural members; cleaning of  parts; assembling and disassembling equipment; tracing and locating defects and causes of mechanical  problems to determine type and extent of repairs; overhauling, rebuilding, repairing, and servicing  diesel, gasoline, and other types of combustion engines, hydraulic utility systems and controls, fuel  systems; and selecting and making necessary repairs in accord with appropriate repair specifications,  manuals, and procedures. 

May do welding of several types or simple blacksmithing. 

Obtains, stores, records, safeguards, and uses equipment, materials, and supplies. 



15 years of experience in the operation and maintenance of construction and maintenance equipment. Experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of several types of motor vehicles and/or water  and wastewater plant equipment. 


Knowledge of varied types of motors and equipment and their operation. 

Knowledge of procedures for diagnosing reasons for equipment failure and of steps necessary to correct  the condition.

Knowledge of the makeup, operation, and installation procedures for all components and systems water  and wastewater operational equipment. 

Knowledge of supervisory methods and principles. 

Ability to determine mechanical defects which cause of major systems and their components to fail to  operate properly. 

Ability to use a wide range of diagnostic and testing equipment. 

Ability to use technical manuals, specifications, diagrams, schematics, and similar guides to make repair  and modifications to equipment. 

Ability to improvise, substitute, and alter parts to fit and mesh in systems for which parts were not  designed or when technical manuals, diagrams, schematics, or similar guides do not apply. 

Ability to disassemble, rebuild, adjust, reassemble, reinstall, and align various components and  assemblies. 

Ability to manipulate small objects with the fingers such as bolts, ignition wiring, points, plugs, and  measuring instruments. 

Ability to read diagrams, blueprints, and schematics. 

Knowledge of the care, maintenance, and safe and efficient operation of construction and maintenance  equipment including cleaning, greasing, servicing, and making minor repairs and adjustments. 

Ability to read, write, speak, understand, and communicate in English sufficiently to perform duties of  this position. American Sign Language or Braille may also be considered as acceptable forms of  communication. 

Interest and qualified candidates may send their resume’ and application to Emmanuel Stuppard at Additionally, for consideration, applicants must send copies of valid licenses or  certification to support knowledge and experience. Applications available at or at  WMUA office at 433 JFK Way, Willingboro, NJ 08046.