Vision and Purpose


To view the WMUA as the model municipal utilities authority of the region providing self-sufficient services that exceed standards in potable water, safe wastewater disposal, clean energy generation, and customer service. We see a premier MUA, that entices key supporters and partnerships, attracts and retains highly sought-after employees who have the opportunity to grow, a voice to express their talent, and a competitive compensation for their passion and commitment to excellence. We see expanded services to bring in new revenue sources. We see maximizing the efficiency of our operation with a state-of-the-art facility. Ultimately, we see the WMUA as a fully engaged, integral partner throughout Willingboro.


The purpose of Willingboro Municipal Utilities Authority shall be:

  • To provide drinking, irrigation, and fire protection water and wastewater disposal at the lowest responsible cost.
  • To provide services that protect the health of customers, /surrounding areas, and the environment.
  • To create local jobs, careers, and opportunities that enrich our employees and the community.
  • To generate self-sufficient alternative clean energy and additional revenue sources.
  • To provide for investment in human and structural infrastructure for optimum service.